J Nile the Yung Ruler

Son of the Legendary Gregory Isaac’s

Founder and Co Owner of Scy Productions

And Owner of Tailor Swift Clothing UK



Growing up with the reggae icon Gregory Isaac's as a father it was inevitable that J Nile the Yung Ruler (Juvenile) would be blessed with some of his father's musical ability and find his way into the industry. 


And not to forget he also had a great mother Miss Patricia Batiste whom was the sister of the great Jah-Woosh and was a great song writer and wrote quite a few popular songs.

Due to the nature of Gregory's international success J nile found himself privileged to travel different parts of the world and spent his formative years growing up in Jamaica, USA and the UK where he was influenced by the various different cultures he encountered before finally settling back down in London England. 




He gained invaluable experience whilst growing up by helping his parents with some distribution for his father's record label 'African Museum'.

This involved distributing some of his father's music and also talent scouting artists for his father to produce.

This exposure to the very heart of the Reggae industry gave him the insight and experience he needed to follow in his father's footsteps.


Yung Ruler has a unique, positive musical style and has the versatility of being known as a 'Sing-jay' in the Reggae scene, which is basically the combination of a Ragga style 'deejay' mixed with the elements of a singer. His deejay style was so good that as a young man he was invited to be resident deejay on the infamous Java sound where he was known as their Secret Weapon!


He regularly uses his microphone skills to hype and enrage the crowd on both his recordings and live performances. 


To this end he has worked closely with many well-established artists globally from an early age.

The likes of General Levy, Sweetie Irire, Vivian Jones, Peter Hunningale,

Christopher Ellis, Jeck Pilpil, Pat Kelly, Gregory Isaac’s, and Winston Reedy just to name a few.


But i can mention One Artist in particular Macini one time for which he had met in 2011 and started to do music at the Pure And Natural Studio with for which he owned. The two of them made a number of songs and dub plate's before they came up with the song that would make him do road.


Song Entitled Man A General on the Powerful Riddim and as a result of it, Macini has travelled numerous countries and has become a household name in the business as a direct result of good production. 

J Nile   also boasts his own recording studio in London 'Pure and Natural' which has hosted a wide array of talent stretching from the four corners of the globe. Please see the website for more information:


J Nile has worked with Stingray Studios uk and also did some work with Chris Pecking’s for Pecking’s Records and has to date released a single with Chris peckings out now Entitled Straight Authentic Music, on the Heart Beat Riddim 

Link below to song.






Screen Shot 2020-02-19 at 17.52.54.png

He has also worked with Room in the sky recordings

And has made some chart breaking vinyl tracks and bringing back that authentic sound to the music

And has put a number of songs on CD and vinyl and will contain known and new Rhythms. 

Here is a link to a single with Room in the sky records


We just come to party’ which is a

re-mastered studio one version with horns by Vin Gordon  alongside a number of other releases which can be found on Band camp , and all digital distribution sites



The story progresse’s to the point the distribution is going good , Distributing to Super tone , Blacka Dread, Reds Records, Dub Vendor Alton Ellis Record shop and all the rest.

I was fortunate to work with Earl Chinna Smith through my mother God Rest Her Soul, and also started to get Gargamel music from Buju-Banton aka Mark Myrie another musical Legend in the business.

He has also had the pleasure of distributing A few more Legends like, Junior Reid, Satta, Mykal Rose to name a few. 

To date he has worked with some of the biggest names in the business especially in his days as Java sounds 'secret weapon’ and can boast collaborations on sound system with popular Artist in the business at that time. Jnile has appeared on the same bill  , dance , sound as Shabba-Ranks , Risco-Benji , Poison Chan , Ninja Youth, Ninja-man , Johnny P , Cutty Ranks and Ghost to name just a few.

Alongside his live performances he has to date made two pilot films, featured in three documentaries and three hundred fifteen music videos plus with live interviews ongoing on a regular basis.  

As well as regular live performances and releasing various personal productions he has had the privilege of producing many other artists on his 'Full House New Regime 'know known as Scy Productions record label including Reggae legends such as Eccleton Jarrett whom has become a regularly contributor to the label,

 jnile also contributes to both the provision of tracks and backing vocals for numerous artists internationally to work and have a platform.





















J Nile the Yung Ruler has released an album entitled Rastamuffin which was released 2018 and has 12 Sizzling original music lover tracks on it


Album released by J Nile for SCY Productions a joint company with Coozie Mellers from the Anthem Band in America and Sue Oliver from Royal reggae reggae promotions.


Artist from St. Lucia, Jamaica, Switzerland, America, Barbados, Antigua, France,

He has also completed a 5 date mini tour thru Switzerland, Colmar France,

 Sausheim France  / England tour With Vybz Yard Studio Basel also the Spirit Revolution band from France with Anthony B, Ilements, Fya Maxx, Marjenal, Ras Cup, Sugar Daddy and more.


J Nile the Yung Ruler has also worked with his Brother Kevin Isaac's on a show in Leicester in the UK Kevin whom is also a singer and great performer.

 J Nile the Yung Ruler himself has more current projects working on which include the launch of his 3 new Riddims

The Bank Robbery Riddim

The Dirty Babylon Riddim

And the Diamond Job Riddim

This is 3 Riddims for which J Nile has produced with various artist on

From Horace Andy, Bucky Jo,Ras Ranger, Eccleton Jarrett, Tenor-Star, Livity Lucian, and more for full info please follow links.


To date J Nile has put out a New song With an artist from the Phillipines goes by the name of Jeck pilpil  track entitled Hypocrites


A brand new Dancehall EP entitled

Mansion Money for which has 5 bashment style, dancehall flavor tracks on


The ital. Grade Riddim for which has various artist on and is a relaxed chilled type riddim for the more conscious listener


J Nile has a Single out with his father the late great Gregory Isaac’s himself

Slave Master and also has a video for this song with official approval from Blue Sun the founders of Rocker’s the movie to use footage in new video with father and son and what a good job it is.


Link below




Due to his lyrical adaptability Yung Ruler has also just finished a Jungle/ DNB EP for Supply and Demand  / Mix and Blend Records He also has a track released entitled Romeo and Juliet on the Cold Steel Label out now Link below  

Screen Shot 2020-02-19 at 17.53.06.png